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Mrs. Mac's  (Uptown Pilgrims Rest)


Visit our Ndebele ladies who manufacture Ndebele Artworks to cater for your Ndebele needs.

A wide selection of other Arts and Crafts are also available.

  Come and shop with us in Pilgrims Rest for gifts or to decorate your home.  
  Telephone (013) 768-1116  

Ponieskrantz Arts & Crafts  (Downtown Pilgrims Rest)


Arts & crafts are manufactured on the premises by our local population.

Crafts include pottery, stained glass, weaving, hot glass and more.

We manufacture custom crockery too !

  Feel free to tour our open studios and shop to your heart's desire.  
  Sharon Paterson (013) 768-1150  


Cheryl van Dyk  (Local Painter)


As a child Cheryl was constantly drawing or painting; she grew up in the city of Potchefstroom, North West Province, South Africa.


She completed her secondary schooling at Potchefstroom Girls High with art as a grade 12 subject, and later graduated from the University of the North West having obtained a degree in Fine Arts with painting and history of art as majors.


Cheryl produced botanical illustrations for a Field Guide sponsored by Total and compiled by the Botany Department of the University of the North West.

For several years she gave art classes and continued to paint.



In 1984 Cheryl embarked on a 24 year career in heritage conservation, and in 1988 relocated to Pilgrimís Rest in 1988 where she continued her museum career, dealing mostly with museum communication, research, publicity and exhibitions.


While working at the Pilgrims Rest Museum she specialised in graphic design, publishing and designing exhibition and marketing material.

In 1997 she established the Pilgrims Rest Artists Guild and successfully facilitated bi-annual art exhibitions for 11 years.

Due to time constraints she practiced her art mainly to participate in these exhibitions.


Early in 2008 Cheryl left her career in heritage conservation to take up painting on a full time basis; her preferred medium is oil on canvas or board.


Her art is influenced by her life on the Mpumalanga escarpment and the Lowveld. Cheryl embarks on regular trips to the Kruger National Park where she spends time alone and finds inspiration for her work. Her paintings are profoundly inspired by nature and wildlife.

Several of her works have been commissioned.




" Painting is an extension of myself, and has been an integral part of me since I can remember.

Through the talent that was given me, I try to share the intense love, awe and respect I have for God's creation with others."



Since 1988 she has achieved great success and her work is represented in both local and international collections.


  Cheryl van Dyk (013) 768-1360 or 076 971-9961  



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