Bars and Pubs





Johnny's Bar

(Next to The Vine, Downtown Pilgrims Rest)



  Johnny Reinders (013) 768-1080  
Every day is a day to remember at Johnny's Bar

When visiting The Vine remember to ask Johnny for a "JagsDop" and

while enjoying this Polish-dubbed aperitif ask about becoming a member

of The Pilgrim's Guild - a real eye-opener .....


Herewith "The Wales Song"  (we are still trying to record a suitable audio clip for the web page)

in fact if you get down to The Vine, you'll probably be able to sing along there in the mean time



Learn the words to the song until then : "Whales, Whales,  very big fishes are Whales,  they swim in the sea,  eat fish for their tea,  Whales, Whales  VERY BIG fishes are Whales !!!!!!


The Church Bar

(At The Royal Hotel, Uptown Pilgrims Rest)

  The Royal Hotel (013) 768-1100 or (013) 768-1044  

Open from 10H00 to 22H00 daily.


Join us for a HAPPY 2-Hours between 17H00 and 19H00 and enjoy reduced Bar prices.




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